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Laetitia Cazaux - Best Hypnotherapist London

Maybe you've done years of personal development trying to improve your self confidence so you can finally be yourself, or maybe you're new to it and don't know where to start!


Either way, you're fed up of not managing to be who you want to be, holding yourself back & creating the same reality that makes you feel unhappy. 


Instead, let's create healing & transformation from the inside out resulting in:

- Your levels of self belief & confidence naturally increasing as you will know you are enough!

- Getting rid of social anxiety, fears of rejection, judgement and failure.

- Being yourself authentically - your best true self.

- Loving yourself and feeling great in your body and mind.

Taking the best decisions for you & setting healthy boundaries.

- Acting on your goals, following your desires - starting that business, that creative

   project, that new training etc...

- Making yourself easily visible & heard in your career & personal life.

- Experiencing more connection to your intuition & inspiration.

- And most importantly, be able to find joy and fulfilment in your life!




I’ve invested thousands in courses that focused on embodying your best self OR on the therapy work.

What I believe is very powerful though is when both are combined together in a 1-1 setting!


That’s why I created a Signature package mixing the creation of your own version of the authentic confident you (conscious work) & RTT hypnosis therapy (subconscious work) to get rid of the subconscious block that are standing in your way!



With my guidance, you'll create the version of the Best True You that is unique to you & by working at a subconscious level together using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT ®) - we will eliminate the subconscious blocks that stand in your way so you can find your AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE.


RTT is a powerful hybrid method created by the acclaimed Marisa Peer which mixes the most effective techniques from hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT & psychotherapy - you get rapid life transforming results so you can finally be yourself, follow your desires and show up in your personal life & work as your best authentic self.

And the beautiful thing is that your true self and your best self are the same thing. And once we've uncovered the roots of your issue(s) and limiting beliefs, removed what's blocking you and rewired your mind to love yourself and boost your self-esteem and confidence, you'll be able to reconnect with who you really are and create the life you deeply want. 

" Waking up every day of your life with yourself is either a reward or a punishment depending on how you feel about yourself." - Marisa Peer


Hi , I'm Laetitia

I am a certified hypnosis therapist & an Authentic
Confidence coach.

I help women release self doubt and create
unshakeable confidence so they can live a fulfilling
life aligned with their best authentic self.