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Be your  best true self in your business & daily life

By using a powerful method
of hypnosis therapy, I help women remove 
subconscious blocks so they believe in themselves
and have the confidence to go for what they want in life!

You want to say goodbye to:

- Being scared of rejection & judgement, of making a fool of yourself.

- Staying curled up at home and procrastinating instead of working on
your business & facing the outside as networking,
meetings, making yourself visible is a source of anxiety.

- Thinking you're not good enough to put yourself out
there, let alone to succeed.

- Feeling lost and stuck as you don't feel good enough to
reach your goals and build the business and life you deeply want.

- Not going fully towards your career goals and staying
in a life that doesn't fulfill you.

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By working at a subconscious level together using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT ®) - a powerful hybrid method created by the acclaimed Marisa Peer which mixes the most effective techniques from hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT & psychotherapy - you get rapid life transforming results so you can finally be yourself, follow your desires and show up in your business as your best unapologetic self.

And the beautiful thing is that your true self and your best self are the same thing. And once we've uncovered the roots of your issue(s) and limiting beliefs, removed what's blocking you and rewired your mind to love yourself and boost your self-esteem and confidence, you'll be able to reconnect with who you really are and smash your goals. And I know who you are, you are empowered and lovable with high potential, skills and talent and you are enough and worthy of your desires.

" Waking up every day of your life with yourself is either a reward or a punishment depending on how you feel about yourself." - Marisa Peer

   So let's unlock your true self so you can:

- Increase your levels of self belief & confidence.

- Eradicate social anxiety, fears of rejection, judgement and failure.

- Be yourself unapologetically - your best true self.

- Love yourself and feel great in your body and mind.

- Feel good and comfortable wherever you are,

whoever you are with.

- Contact people with ease and confidence, go

networking, go to meetings, make yourself visible

and heard.

- Go after your goals, follow your desires - start that business, that creative project, that new training, start creating the life you want.

- Believe in yourself with firm conviction, and that's easy once you know you're enough!

- Let people see your value and see it in yourself too.

- And most importantly, be able to find joy and fulfillment in your life.


      Let's make that feeling of you wanting more but not going for it a thing of the past!

Hello, I'm Laetitia

I feel you because I've been there myself and you're not alone.

I suffered from low self-esteem and a crashed self-confidence since I was bullied at school as a teenager and I carried the wounds and limiting beliefs resulting from it for 15 years. I didn't like myself, thought everyone was better than me, 'how can anyone like me, love me or want to spend time with me' was in my head on a daily basis, I had crippling social anxiety, mind blanks when having to talk to people and felt scared of taking action on my desires.

But I've always been ambitious with high goals for myself and as you probably know, all the above was blocking me and making me deeply unhappy.

Fast forward to 2015 where I was working a job I didn't like and was getting disrespected at work - that was the moment I told myself : 'THAT'S ENOUGH!'

I started a journey of healing my self-love and confidence but it's when I discovered RTT ® and the incredible power of the mind that my healing went so much faster and deeper. I uprooted deep limiting beliefs and rewired my mind to work for me, not against me. As a result, my self-love and confidence have skyrocketed, I feel comfortable in social situations, I believe in myself, go for my goals, trust my creative instinct, feel so much better in my body & mind and that lingering background of sadness I used to have has disappeared.

I am a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapy ® practitioner and I am pushing further than ever my creative passion of writing & film directing. And believe me, it feels good and it's never too late to be who you want to be!

Woman work from home - Hypnotherapy Online


4-week experience

(available on zoom/skype)

- A 30 min preliminary conversation to uncover your main blocks.

- A 2 hour powerful rapid transformational hypnosis therapy session (RTT) to dive deep into your subconscious, find the roots of your issues and rewire your mind.

- 2 x 45 mins follow ups to support you, assess how you feel and what came up for you & offer you additional guidance.

- A personalized transformational recording for you to listen to for 21 days in order to deeply implement new empowering beliefs.

- email/audio message continued support from me throughout.




Woman with Tablet - RTT Therapist London


8-week experience

(available on zoom/skype)

- 1 x 30 min preliminary conversations to assess which issues to target in the sessions.

- 2 x 2 hour powerful rapid transformational hypnosis therapy sessions (RTT)  to dive deep into your subconscious, find the roots of your issues and rewire your mind.

With 2 sessions, we can work on different issues or go deeper into one area. That can be assessed during the first follow up.

- 4 x 45 mins follow ups in-between RTT sessions to give you full support & focus on moving forward, creating new habits to implement.

- 2 personalized transformational recordings for you to listen to for 21 days in order to deeply implement new empowering beliefs.

- email/audio message continued support from me throughout.



3 month experience (14 weeks!)
(available on zoom/skype)

- 1x 30 min preliminary conversation to get to know more about what's affecting you.

- 4 x 2 hour powerful rapid transformational hypnosis therapy sessions (RTT) where we dive deep into your subconscious, find the roots of your issues and rewire your mind.

After every session, we can assess what to work on next so we go with the flow and discover together what will be next!

- 8 x 45 mins follow ups in-between hypnosis sessions to give you full support, discuss your feelings & focus on planning for the future.

- 4 personalized transformational recordings for you to listen to for 21 days in order to deeply implement new empowering beliefs.

- email/audio message continued support from me throughout.


How to work with me

This work is done online (Zoom/Skype) and it works as well as face to face so we can work together  from the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world!

* Sessions can be done in English or French *

Success Stories


- VIP package -



I can unconditionally recommend Laetitia’s Rapid Transformation programme!


I purposefully waited a couple of months before giving this feedback because I wanted to know my progress wasn’t a temporary flash-in-the-pan thing. But instead I continue to be amazed at the seemingly never ending, and often surprisingly unexpected, results of the programme!


I came to help develop my advocacy skills, and gained this and innumerable benefits more. In one hundred different ways, I could not have even wished for in my wildest dreams, I have reaped rewards from Laetitia’s programme. Notwithstanding my own skepticism and hard-headedness.


I can honestly say it was the best spent money and time. My only regret is that I didn’t do this a decade ago. I thank myself everyday for undertaking this work. And I thank Laetitia for taking me step by step, one at a time, at my own pace and personal understanding through the Rapid Transformation process!