Transformation is available to you

I work with you to guide you to heal your inner confidence & self-love so you can be your best self, follow your desires, reach your goals & create the life you want.


It's not about trying to be somebody you're not because  YOUR BEST SELF = YOUR TRUE SELF.

Your true self is who you are without your limiting beliefs, fears, negative thoughts and wounds from the past and that's what we will eliminate from your mind so you can shine your light inward and outward.

Maybe you've done a lot of personal development and managed to make yourself feel better temporarily but as soon as your partner, friend, potential clients, people who could move your career forward came in, you would go back to your old patterns of thinking and behaviour. The improvement was not foolproof as it would shatter as soon as you were confronted to the outside and that's because the work was done on a not deep-enough level.

The method I use is highly transformative because it's deep and you need to get an understanding of the causes of your issues on a profound subconscious level in order to heal and free yourself. In addition, by learning to dialogue effectively with your mind and give it the right instructions - not the outdated ones it's kept clinging onto since childhood - you give yourself the tools to fulfillment and happiness.

When I did this work on myself, situations of disempowerment, of not being respected or bullied actually disappeared from my life and I received love, acceptance and kindness.

A part of me still feels surprised when I write these words because it shows how much the outside mirrors the inside.

And that's great news because it means we have the power to change our circumstances and have love and positivity reflected back at us.

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My Transformation

I used to never really be myself and 'monitor' myself all the time in social situations (where shall I put my hands? What can I say next? How do I look? What do they think of me ?) I could count the times that I was myself on the fingers of one hand and it felt so good when it happened and also so rare. Once I truly boosted my confidence, self-love and self-belief, I could embody my true self on a daily-basis and start taking the steps to create the life I want, and that's liberating. See, at the root of nearly all issues is a belief of not being enough the way you are, and once that's healed through subconscious work, you can genuinely thrive and not worry anymore about being judged or rejected.

As an entrepreneur and a creative, I was so uncomfortable giving my prices to potential clients and would put my rates down while knowing I should charge much more. That would put me in difficult and frustrating situations, working too much for not enough money and feeling exploited (of my own accord!) Since healing my self-worth and self-love with RTT, I increased my rates, state my prices without shame and take much more pleasure in my work. And once you heal your 'enoughness' and worthiness, it becomes easier to act on your goals, to take the first step and then the next and stop delaying, procrastinating and finding yourself excuses. The more actions you take, the more that becomes a familiar habit, and as the mind loves what is familiar, it's wiring you naturally to do what you know you need to do to go to the next level.

About the RTT® technique

I am a certified practitioner in the RTT® method

created by the award winning therapist Marisa Peer.


Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, therapist, and best-selling

author with over three decades of experience.

Named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and

featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, she used her

experiences treating patients including rock stars, CEOs, elite

Olympic athletes, royalty and Oscar-winning actors to create a rapid

therapy method for the modern world (RTT®).