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"When I met Laetitia, I had been stuck in my reality for so long that I did not think I could experience or live anything different than what I was currently living. 


In less than 2 months, my life completely changed. I quit my job, completely let go of a toxic attachement with a guy, and decided to move countries after 7 years here in London. 


I believe all those decisions were the result of the RTT sessions I had with Laetitia, that helped me realise that it was possible to live a life completely aligned with my values, a life filled with joy and peace. I know it is hard to believe when you havent experienced it but I never felt so aligned with my heart, so confident of every step I’m taking (even if they dont always make sense), so at peace with life itself.


I could have never done any of this without the hypnosis and catch up calls with Laetitia, who made me feel completely safe to share anything with her, who truly listened to me with no judgment, who was there for me all the way. 


I remember the first time I met her, her energy made me feel so safe straight away.

There is something extremely calm, peaceful, kind, and intuitive about her. She's like an angel that will show you how magical life can truly be, and reflect back to you that magic lies within you, the same way it lies within her. 


Forever grateful,


Thank you, 




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