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Charity work


Due to being ill, I was feeling stuck and at a loss in what to do to get back to living and loving myself.  I came across Laetitia’s free recording and was surprised at how calm my brain and body was whilst listening to it. I looked on her website and thought I should give this a try as everything else didn’t seem to work.

Three sessions later and my life has improved drastically.

From the first session, I began to notice a difference. I became motivated to go out the house and in doing so have made new friends, signed up with a personal trainer as well as join the gym! I have also begun volunteering for charities to help others in need and even went on a date!


My health and confidence have improved, and in doing so I have begun to love myself again, thinking more positively and being kinder to myself. My relationships have improved with those I love, particularly my son, and I have set and stuck to boundaries in order to put myself first. I am sleeping better and wake up with energy to start a good day!

It’s great that you can keep the recordings, so on days where I’m feeling deflated I listen to these, and it lifts my mood.

Laetitia is a lovely lady who is kind, calming and non-judgemental. I have recommended her to others as she was so helpful to me and for this, I am truly grateful.