Laetitia was fantastic to work with. She is really dedicated and cunning, helping you put your finger on the tiny thing you didn't know how to express. I felt very comfortable with her from the beginning, I was not worried about any form of judgement. She really created a safe space. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering that type of work!

She has a very complete formula and method, that helps the body and the mind and supports all areas touched by this work.


  Before we started, I felt vanquished. I thought I was happy and I guess I was happy "enough" to just keep going but actually I felt really down and my outlook on life and the possibilities for mine were really pessimistic. I didn't believe in myself, had low self esteem & was plagued by perfectionism and was very harsh on myself. I didn't know how to tap into my potential and was very unforgiving with myself.


  Now, I feel like there is no limit to my expansion. I feel like I've come back to myself and discovered even greater things about me. I feel like I have so much energy and prospects and am really confident in the future and in finding my tribe and my place in this world. I worry much less about what people will think about me and the image I should give if I want to get to a certain place.

My anxiety is almost completely gone and what's left doesn't bother me on a daily basis as it used to. I feel calm, confident and strong and my personal goals and values are clear. The biggest shift for me is my self image and self trust. I used to doubt my intuition by overthinking but now I trust what I feel and think without spiralling, I trust my internal compass. I see myself and my strengths more clearly.

  Clearing my feelings about myself, my past and my circumstances has left so much mental space for better thinking.
 I feel much more positive about myself and what I have accomplished in life. I am able to understand my feelings more easily, recognising them and letting them go. I feel free-er in general and more consistently happy!