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I was looking for a RTT specialist but I knew I wanted someone who had experience with the way I felt. I had come to Laetitia with a lack of self love, lingering sadness, harsh critical thoughts, emotional irregulation, and a whole lot of things. I was worried having so many things to work on but she was so kind and so reassuring and really made me feel normal for feeling this way but also gave me a lot of hope we were able to fix and heal these areas together especially since she had been through similar feelings in herself.


She was proof for me that it was possible to come out on the other side brighter and happier. And that’s just what happened, I have an enormous amount of self love and acceptance for all my inside and outer quirks and features, my personality, and hope and excitement for my future again. Something I never thought I could feel to this amount! I’m so so glad that I took a leap of faith and contacted Laetitia because I definitely have gained what I need to soon progress fully into my ideal authentic self and i’m so confident in that fact. She is the sweetest and really cares to hear from you and how you are doing.


It will be your best decision to work with her. Thank you so so much. đź’—